clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Like Breakfast for Supper

I made a roast for dinner but the root vegetables were not done. Thus, I had breakfast for supper.

At left, biscuits and bacon. No, those are canned biscuits. I was lazy. This is another of my "cowboy meal" culinary specialties. Biscuits and bacon were a favorite bachelor supper of my youth.

The bacon is from my butcher. It doesn't come in plastic vacuum bags. Lovely stuff.

So, enough about dinner. Tonight's work is very much like breakfast for supper, though. I'm taking a piece of writing that is in rough form and retelling it with the best one-night polish I can muster in four separate point-of-view vignettes: Subject 1, Subject 2, the victim, and the invisible parrot (empty narration). I'll touch it again briefly Friday night and drag it into a writing group for appraisal on Saturday morning.

I could use the serious work, actually. I'm in draft mode on WIP and so I am a little sloppy around the edges.

Now, after this lovely dinner, something new.

I ran across the blog for Cristina James, Crime Novelist (two available on Amazon here). You have to be a little careful on this side of the pond because the OTHER Cristina James on Amazon writes the sort of "Fifty Shades" type of content. I'm all for sex in literature ... but I prefer murder and crime so suggest you look carefully before buying Operation: Spank Me in error. No - I'm not making this up.

I added Cristina to the list on the right because I want to see what she's up to and because you'll want to see as well. She's the sort that has frank discussions with her husband about body disposal. Right up my alley.

So, check out her blog. Buy a book. I'm going to.

Off to write (and shortly, to package a pot roast and trimmings for leftovers this week).