clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Twists and Turns

At left, a cloverleaf from wikicommons graciously declared copyright free.

I love all the little twists and turns in crime fiction. The one I always want to see and so seldom do is however that "this is complete hooey" twist.

This is the twist where a character spins a tale completely preposterous and the detective most often goes along for a while until it falls apart. Televised British crime dramas love this bit.

I want a character that declares the whole business hooey and goes down a different path.

The light from Venus refracted off some swamp gas and made it appear that the headless horseman was loose on the moors. The gamekeeper swears it is so.

I love twists. I love the characters that react to the twists with a reasonable approach.

I love twists as a reader that I can say "finally, someone has a bit of reason" rather than the "Oh, shiny!" at the swallowing of the improbable twist.

I still have the cold. It's made me grumpy. I'm going to go explore my own twists and turns under a heavy comforter. It's 0 F here right now. Again.

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