clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Monday, January 19, 2015

At Least We Had Canterbury

At left, William Blake's depiction of the pilgrims of The Canterbury Tales.  

A friend is considering the sub-genre of post-apocalyptic dystopian literature. At least, I think he's considering dystopian literature. If everything goes to hell and it all turns out to be all picnics and flower gathering, who would care?

His premise is well reasoned: suppose the decisive failure of connected modern technology.

Some point in the worldbuilding premise, you put people on the road. Just like old Geof.

I forgot how much I loved the Miller and Reeve's tales. I forgot how much Chaucer included of the relations between people in his tales.

These are good character bits. I'm going to have to read them again.

The tales are ripe for the borrowing.

I plotted a new novel today over lunch. I didn't intend to do so;but, it happened. It isn't dystopian.

There is a body on page one. That's always a good start.

Chaucer should have used it.

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