clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Thursday, January 8, 2015


Al left, my dog Lou.

He's a foxhound. That's an ottoman. Properly, it is "his" ottoman when we mention it among the human dwellers in his luxury dog house.

I've got it bad. Worse, actually. New treatment plan today. We're working on it.

Being sick makes everything hard. You slip behind at work. You slip in your writing.

It's 0 F and snowing sideways. This is Western Kansas weather. I didn't need it here in the timbers of Michigan.

I have had a couple great ideas for twists here in the "middle third" doldrums of this draft. I'm happy with those. They normally don't come for a full revision cycle when I'm looking at the long middle as if it were the desert in that scene from Lawrence of Arabia. I think they called the desert "the sun's anvil."

Anyway, some bright spots.

Brightest spot? My dog. There is nothing like a dog curling up beside you to make the world feel like a better place.

Lou does "sprawl" quite well but he has a nice "curl up" too.

Writers need dogs. They are nature's esteem enhancing devices.

Get one. Or two.

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