clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Return the Hermit

At left, the Hermitage on Peter's Rock.

This was a hunting lodge built on a peak new New Haven, CT in the pre-depression era and - like many lodges - failed during those troubles.

I've been stewing over a piece of writing. I wouldn't say it was a case of writer's block as much as writer's confusion. I needed a distinct character's voice. I wanted departure from the first draft dullness that drifted through the work in progress like a stale aunt.

I've solved the problem and have the character in hand as well as many others. It makes for a better work.

So, now I'm starting a full prose re-write of the first draft. There are a few structural changes; but,  this is the time for the story to come to the forefront. I've cut and trimmed and added and plastered over details of inconsistencies and items which became uninteresting.

I'm off to catch trout and write next week. It's a Hemingway thing. I don't believe it is any sort of "lucky pen" problem but rather an investment this year in a writing retreat to really focus on the first 15K words of the work in progress. I'll also catch some wonderful spring trout.

I look forward to a little North Michigan. Ah, spring and the air is full of murder.

Lock your literary doors. My characters are on the loose.

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