clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


I'm fighting mosquitoes.

I wish they were this lovely model (crown copyright expired) at left but alas, deviling me are the small bloodsucking variety.

I went away to fish and it was spring. Grass needed cut but once a week. The meadows were still short. The raspberries had yet to leaf.

Now, a week later in my part of the world and it is summer complete with the little devils in horrendous numbers.

I have a mosquito magnet which is a technological device for managing a local population. It does work quite well though it takes a little time.

You have to remove the breeding females from the population and that takes a little bit. The bats and frogs help, but the headstart of the breeding this year has produced an explosion that I have to get a hand on or lose the deck for the season.

I've added a new class of villain to my work-in-progress. I feel good about that.

Turns out, there was a whole class of nefarious sort that I had neglected to gather into the folds of my premise. I'm glad to have them in my clutches now before a reader raises a hand as says "what about left handed knife-throwers ...why didn't you have them in the book?"

Oh, I have an answer: poetic license. Covers all manner of ills.

I've a slight pang of regret that I'm not heading to a conference this year.


I have plenty of work to complete and making progress on that body will do more for esteem and confidence than any workshop can do right now. I still need the learning experience though I need more to apply some of the wonderful advice and coaching I've received to date.

Content helps more than sales. Content helps confidence.

I'm off to work on some of my content. I've a lovely cup of coffee, a nice evening, and the promise of a very productive weekend looming on the horizon. Now, to work.

I hope your session goes well tonight, too. Cheers. 


Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

No conferences for me either...but it makes me somehow feel relieved. :)

I'm pretending that there are no mosquitoes outside. This is easier if I don't sit outside in early morning or early evening. Even easier if I cover myself with DEET. Sigh.

The new villain sounds promising!

jack welling said...

DEET, the new Chanel of summer.