clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Is Like a Bowl of Blueberries

I don't know if writing is like a bowl of blueberries but I know it is my preferred summer breakfast! ( Picture at left courtesy US Fish and Wildlife service. Steve Hillebrand took the shot.)

Actually, I like blueberries because each one is a little morsel composed of dreams. Warm summer mornings, cool evenings, cream so cold it bites, angel food cake so soft it melts like cotton candy, and blueberries: this combination is summer to me.

I also like short stories.

I think short stories are composed of dreams.

Today, I had an idea to lump a trio of my stories with maybe a half-dozen more into a fun collection. Nothing is ever quite what it seems and a writing friend tells me never to hope for the release of a short story collection.

"You're not going to win any prizes because you're not an MFA fellow from any of the 'right' schools. Those are the sort of people who get short story collections published. Let the Pushcart go. Write the novels."

I love well-meaning advice about as much as finding I picked a bee instead of a blueberry.

I've got some amusing premise short stories in me. I'm going to write them. I can always give them away for Christmas.

Have you ever toured a secret lair? Well, I have. It is a surreal experience that begs for a short story.

I'm just the mad scientist to write it.

The cream is on the table. Berries are in the basket. Have a big helping of summer - then get to work.

It's time to write.

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