clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Writing, It's a Bear

One of my little eccentricities in language is an odd association with bears. I like to stand in cold water and catch fish. I'm prone to hibernation. I will eat the best parts of anything if it is left unattended. My moods include "grizzly." I've been observed foraging in the berry patch. Sometimes my own, sometimes not.

SO, here we have the black bear (brown coloration) covered with snow much as I am when I come in from some of my favorite things : snowblowing and foxhound walking.

Also, writing is a bear. You can know how you want to say it but the structure and the language get all tangled in the plot and characterization and it ... can just be a bear.

My first love has always been poetry and we all know how rewarding that endeavor can be. If you think a novel is tough, try getting a folio of poetry in print. Poor bastards, the poets.

My contribution from twenty years ago. I jotted this in a notebook about my (now) wife who has given me this wonderful sculpture.

What ?
Am I to see you by my moon
     my dreams
     before the dance
     every night ?
Am I but to have
       only that
         and so lose the desire to wake ?

 am I to do
   about you ?

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