clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Monday, December 10, 2012

The Poe

I am working on a piece inspired by Poe. This is a bit of a stretch for me but it something I want to do right now.  I read all of the classic Poe horror and macabre short stories an age ago for Ms. June Sutley. I also kept my first journal in that class as well. I didn't do well journaling but then I had nothing I wanted to say. There was plenty I should have been saying; but, I wasn't in a situation that would have allowed me to say anything significant.

I am playing with the concept of the unreliable narrator. Dostoevsky ( a hero) did so and of course Poe famously demonstrated the technique in "The Black Cat." It's my first run and I find it quite fun. I recommend it. Odd that I write about liars, murders and murderers who lie about murder and that I have yet to employ an unreliable narrator. I don't know why it hasn't occurred to me. I love Greek plays and adding a character who is "truth" allows me to conquer the mis-direction inherent in directing a story told by a liar.

My liars are transparent in the most recent stories. I'll have to change that.

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