clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Back from a little seasonal visit to the west coast.

I've been looking at wonderful things, thinking murder, and reflecting on conflict and character development. There's nothing like showing work that is ultimately disappointing to motivate one to address issues much earlier in the process.

It being the holiday season  and with it the sometimes unfortunate culinary selections of Aunt Mildred, I ordered a new book on poisons. I wanted to kill a character by poison because the bullet seemed harsh in this case.

I thought about what I knew of poisons (which I suspect is actually quite a lot more than any normal civilian) and discovered I did not understand the simple and readily at hands means of orchestrating a demise. It is the killing of a single victim that poses the problem. If I need to eliminate an entire city, well then I can wax a length about aerosol agents and their limits of human exposure.

Poisoning Uncle Melvin in the library with an reasonable chance of success was beyond me.

Book of Poisons, A Guide for Writers by Serita Stevens and Anna Bannon to the rescue. (Writer's Digest Books, Cincinnati, OH. 2007). It will make great reading this season as I contemplate an unfortunate demise.

What ? A horrendous subject for the holiday season ? You haven't my family then and I'd guess you are not embracing the truth about your own. Just worry that some of them have come around to my way of thinking as you have that extra piece of pie.

I'm harmless now, though. No poisoning once you buy a book on the subject and announce the same to the world. It is a lovely demise. I had no idea that there are so many of the mushroom family that are quite deadly. Omelette, Aunty dear  ?

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