clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Friday, December 7, 2012

Wolves' Clothing

I bought the book at left for my grand daughter. I liked the illustrations and found the story just right for someone of four.

I also like wolves' clothing.

I enjoy the wolf among the sheep illusion. I live it frequently. I used to live it more frequently when I was with larger firms.

Now, sheep in wolves' clothing makes me smile. It isn't the expected take on affairs. In this particular story, the sheep turn out to be inventive and clever. They are far from the mindless herd animals we'd expect. I like that.

I enjoy clever twists of characters. I was thinking of character possibilities. I see a hardboiled detective that is a social beast known to everyone in the diner - not just Patricia the waitress.

I was thinking of Rosie Grier who is a giant of a man (ex-football player of my youth) who took up needlepoint. [ Grier is also a hero. He apprehended and disarmed Sirhan Sirhan with George Plimpton - editor of the Paris Review.].

Shaun Tan has a story about a friendly water buffalo [ cape buffalo]  living in a vacant lot who would help children find their way. Now, a cape buffalo for non-big game fans is just about the most dangerous thing on land. The cape buffalo gets up in a foul mood and goes steadily downhill all day. Should he actually have cause to get pissed, he becomes a real demon. The idea of having a friendly cape buffalo help children is quite a twist.

By comparison on the foul mood effect, a wolverine is a 5. A cape buffalo is a good 7. He becomes and 11 if provoked. He makes the white rhino look positively cuddly. The black rhino is still a pisser.

Gruff but friendly. Intimidating, but engaging. Hardboiled but overtly social. These are character combinations I will have to work to develop.

I'm not sure I can write sheep. Luckily, I don't have to.

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