clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Saturday, November 24, 2012

You are not alone, now write !

Here it is Saturday on the holiday weekend and most of us have escaped family (or chosen family) to write.

We're in the office/library/basement/attic/corner of the laundry room. [ I've been in all of those]. Coffee shop people - yes you. I'm talking to you here. You're not writing. You're looking for characters/dates/pity.  Stop it.

I'm sitting here with everything I want including "plenty of time" and ... struggling. Bloody hell. Doubts, twists, turns, half-thoughts, maybe and the cousin maybe not,  and the bloody daydream of "if I write this one like that ..."

I'm so glad not to have some sort of school project that has to be done over the holiday [ didn't that always suck ?] and at the same time find self-direction horrendously ineffective. These occasional bouts when I need to be whipped to be productive are sickening. There - see ? I just envisioned a writing service with a whip, heels and a... well. That's not really a writing service, is it? Bad image.

So in my wasteful tour of pissing away opportunity when I should be writing, reading, editing, or re-writing, I find _The Oatmeal_. Yea, let's see what looking at _The Oatmeal_ can do for my time-sucking not-writing progression today ?

I find Oatmeal is exactly like the rest of us. The link is here.  To add : be creating now, monkey boy ! Now !

We're all unproductive in our own little ways. [ Sorry Leo T. ]  Though we are all uniformly unproductive given resources and freedom. We squander.

Now, for the object lesson. Posting on HappyFunBall forum of happy happy angst-ridden writers does not help you as a writer. In fact, updating the blog does not help you as a writer. Reading it certainly does not help.

The blog only helps you as a writer if it is a symbolic burning branding iron of pain waiting to be pressed against your hide to create the shame scar of procrastination.

Did you blog about new work accepted for publication ?    No.
            Did your post relate to any of your published work whatsoever ? No.
                    You are going to feel some pressure and then smell your own worthless unproductive flesh being cooked.

Where are all those ideas that were just spilling out you thought "just needed to be polished ?" Bwaaaaaa.

So, open the bloody story. Sigh once, do not get up for more coffee, and write a sentence. Any sentence will do. DO NOT EDIT IT ! Write the sentence and then the next. Keep it up.

Coffee is for writers. You're not a writer if you're not writing today. Write monkey boy write. One sentence. Just try one ...

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