clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Something import, something more important

I have been heads down pushing through a work that means a great deal to me. The draft is complete and on ice. It even has some really good points.

Now, onto a piece that is going to be salt in a wound. This one will be hard to write but it is even more important to grind out. The pieces that have the more unpleasant side of our experiences transposed onto our characters are the important ones to write. Why ? They have more than a kernel of truth.

Hemingway, remember ?

Truth, bravery, desire, betrayal, and sometimes failure: these are elements of character and of a character.

That is what I am up to these days. I've waited too long to get here to stop now.

Also, a desktop picture. I like seeing these when I write.

Those are some Vargas playing cards in the background. Have to have a touch of wrong to appreciate the right. At least, I have a touch of wrong around anyway.

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