clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

clean, crisp and even ?

Snow came for the first time this season last Saturday. It looks pretty harmless here but it was driven by a good twenty mph wind. I was working under the Norway Spruce grove and it drove me out by blowing directly through the arbor opening.

Nevertheless, it was snow and for that I am most thankful. There's something very wrong with me. I love the stuff.

I'm working on a rough draft with solid dedication to the points outlined yesterday. Drop the adjectives. Simple conversational attribution for dialogue. Enough details in the scene to anchor the action and avoid "white room" but no elaborate descriptions or expository passages.

I'm pretty happy with the results.

I've used the wide-open "just get it out" mad dash approach for the last fifteen years after having trouble before that with constricting my manner of writing the first cut of a story. I'm finding on this piece and the one before it that I have the ability to use my outline as a series of running guide posts and so can abandon some of the more extensive "garbage" traits that have discolored other first drafts. Make a mess, clean it up works fine. However, I would sometimes get some of that mess as far up the walls as the ceiling and would end up repainting when I wish I could have gotten by with light dusting. Horrendously awful imagery there but the point is good enough. I would grab and create using any and all language just to get the story out and the resulting draft would be almost unusable in revision.

Efficiency in prose is something to master if I am going to create more than occasional content. If I make less mess on the first pass so that I am adding in revision more than subtracting, then my work towards a finished product might be faster.

Thus, clean and crisp. I'm not so big on even but I will allow that it gives me more flexibility in the revision process if the emotion is less splattered around the page, too.

All in, I'd be happy with the rough being clean, crisp and even. It's working well in that vein now.

I'm a little surprised.

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