clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Friday, November 30, 2012

In the Knitting

Cheeto - the one on the right - has been in the knitting - the one on the left. He's not to do that so you can see his "guilty face" when confronted. [ Yes, I am resorting to cat pictures. I admit it.]

It reminded me a bit of something I almost did yesterday: premature editing. I don't think editing an in-progress work for any but the most basic of items is a good idea. I think it breaks the story and makes any eventual rewrite that much harder to accomplish. Maybe that's just me.

Don't get in the knitting. Don't unravel anything. Finish the sweater. It might look better than you think.

The new _Tin House_ came yesterday. Lest we feel too good about our latest work know this edition's fiction has to its authors' credit : 19 novels, a Pushcart, a MacArthur fellowship, only one Pulitzer,  a Rea, and others I am sure to have missed. That's pretty rarefied air.

I wanted to address characters of note tonight but I am not prepared. 

I did learn of a new clearinghouse app for literary journals today and then, in researching it I discover there appear to be many. I'll have to look and see how they work. I like reading from the iPad in bed better than the nook (I have an older nook and the clip light isn't optimal) but as an open-source guy I have little to do with the Apple world.  I'll have to look.

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