clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Writers Writers Everywhere !

Like many writers, I browse the blogs.

I say "like many writers" because there are a ton of writers on writer bogs commenting, linking, reading, re-posting, and summarizing. We have become a self-referential business unto ourselves. We blog about our writing, other's writing, the act of writing, the act of not writing. There are blogs which are "advice blogs" commenting and advising on the sources of advice to consider: other bogs.

It is clear we need to be a little more active at attracting readers than attracting other writers. I would caution as a group (those of us in the bottom 85% of the writing royalty/income ladder ... and $0 puts you there solidly) we should be working more for readers as a means of differentiating ourselves.

So, what do readers like ? Why would they come here ? Content. Well written, edited, juicy, enjoyable content. Hmmm. If I had that lying around, I'd pass out the books.

I will challenge myself to post some well-written (best I can do now, anyway), edited, juicy, enjoyable content. I will use this forum for a weekly pulp installment. I need to think a minute about how to enable this goal..

Following Miss Snark, before I post as serial any story it has to be done, proofed, and put to bed. I'm not going to try and create ahead of deadline the content that must go up right now! I'm not a newspaperman. There is however some 50's pulp in me and which I am unlikely to develop without a few runs at it. This is a place for a few runs at it.

I will look at my means of distribution, content creation, and sharing. I have a couple of mornings a week to work on content for this pulp mission which otherwise would be spent squandering time.

I will consider this option. I think I can do it. It might clear some of the "pulp" out of my head which intrudes when I am working on a serious piece that I need to nail. That self-sabotaging muse takes many form and conceiving of detective stories in the middle of a literary fiction piece is one of her favorites.

I will think. I wouldn't hurt me to do some polish and scrub work right along, either. That wouldn't hurt me at all.

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