clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Thanks to reading a ton of the "first page" entries in an old Snarkives submission blitz, I have redone an entry into Despot [ WIP working title. Short story. - ed. ]

Thank-you Miss Snark.

I'm happy with these three revised paragraphs and a change in the setting.

Revision while creating ? Sure, if it helps move things along. I needed the revision.

Tomorrow is an outing. I'm going to go celebrate a successful bookstore in the same town where Borders died. Yep, we still have 'em here. Bookstores.

I'm going tomorrow to meet some authors. No worries, they were writers first.

Well, Lauren Estleman might have just been created as an author. He has something over 65 books out there now. Oh ... I hear someone thinking something snarky out there. Don't do it.

The crew I'll see tomorrow can write. They can all tell a good story. I think they'll be nice folks, too. I'll be buying too many books from them. That ought to soften even the most jaded author right up.

Sales. Ohhhhh. (shudders) Just like candy.

If you haven't done it, check out Fredrick Pohl's blog I have linked over on the sidebar. I've read his stuff all my life and enjoyed it. I enjoy his blog as well. He sounds like a great guy, too.

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