clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Scare

The scariest man I ever met dressed like a banker down to his shoes.

He didn't raise his voice or boss anyone around. His requests would be simple: a glass of water perhaps.  Once I saw him request a cup of coffee.  I think he wanted its smell in the room.

He made measured movements and spoke with considered ease. He was free of all tension and conflict. He was in all aspects professional.

He was a normal gentleman of business in all normal respects save for two peculiar traits. He never answered questions of any sort. Even a simple inquiry from the rare observer would be ignored or - worst of all - be addressed in hushed tones by one of his attendants. Also, he conveyed the most profound sense of having no soul whatsoever.

A spider is never on the side of a fly once it is in his web. No matter how long it takes, the fly is never faced with any but one fate.

I think many files must die of fright well before they would be otherwise dispatched by the spider. At least, they would if they could reason.

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