clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Friday, October 19, 2012

Fix It , WTF

What a pile of horseshit.

Tortured artist syndrome can only go on so long. Tom Petty ot Tom Waits can get away with it - for they are accomplished (in my world, published).

It's hard ? Do it or don't do it. Quit whining that it is difficult for you. If it is that hard, find something else like volunteering as a crossing guard or throwing coupons into bags of dog food *.

The purpose here is to build an audience and in fifty or so posts I've wandered all over the place without doing that. I haven't put out material of any interest to a reader. None. What kind of marketing failure is that?

Fix it. Sorry dear reader. Head-in-ass disease. Who the fuck cares about an e-journal. People read for content and insight. Some read in anticipation. Some read for footnotes.

Now, let me get the crowbar and see if I can't pry this sucker out. I feel like a Boise State student. **

* - demeaning manual labor job held by the destitute in a town where I once lived. Now Jackspeak for shitty mindless occupation.

** - In college, I had an associate from Oregon who used a coffee cup with the caption "Boise State's problem is obvious." The illustration showed a fellow with head-in-ass syndrome. Despite their recent football success, I have always looked upon Boise State with a degree of clinic detachment. Anatomist in me.

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