clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Weegee, our kind of lense

Weegee would be proud of the snap. Of course, in crime, mystery, suspense and generally all of literature the death is as important as the life. At least, the death gives us all plot elements. Occasionally, we also get images.

[Disclaimer ... blah blah blah real life blah blah blah fiction. Know the difference. My threshold of revulsion is asymptotically infinite. Yours is not. Get over it.]

Permalink  - you want image #5 of this exhibit. The _NYT_ isn't allowing direct links (or, I'm inept).

I haven't see this well a framed crime shot since the mob hits of the 80's.

Weegee ? ->  Weegee

And ... as we are all about books : Getty Exhibit.

Also, there is a good discussion of the image by the media covering the media here.

Credit : Sam Gewirtz  

Also of interest,his piece about the 

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