clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Thursday, August 30, 2012

How could I convince you ?

The ideas are so fantastic that it is hard to understand when a reader might suspend belief.

Jesus returns in a second coming as the estranged son of an absentee father. He doesn't believe he is the second Christ and even in the end, he isn't sure. [ burning bush ? Try a cellphone next time. ]

Aliens land and are taken hostage, beaten, and publicly stoned to death by religious zealots during the crusades. Thus, the encounter between aliens and modern humans causes an interesting juxtaposition. [ Vivisection ? Bit of fear for them, eh ?]

There is a commercial organization which is run like a sovereign fund whose wealth comes from assisting those with "jobs for life" in retiring to a peaceful island ... populated by others who formerly had jobs for life.

A blog appears online where the author provides advice on all sorts of matters. Of course, the author seems to have unknowable knowledge. There emerges a bit of social upheaval around the communications. Is the author a psychic, a government spook, an alien, a deity, AI ?

Write well and these can all come off nicely. Write poorly and they are doomed to the round slush pile and a not quite right letter.

I have to go write now. The coyotes are yipping outside my windows.

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