clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sunday early

This is the Sunday edition early.

I've provided a link at the right to Nathan Bransford. He calls himself an author.

That isn't quite accurate. Nathan is a walking treasure trove of "do it right" for aspiring writers. He's in the game, has been around the game, and shares almost everything he knows. He's a gem.

Not the least, you should read him because Janet Reid has recommended him in the past.  If you don't know Ms. Reid, then you probably haven't shopped a novel this decade (or the last).

Seriously, Nathan's blog doesn't have all those publishing awards just because he's a nice guy. Oh, and he's a nice guy. Buy him a drink if you see him.

No, I've never met him. I will however buy him two drinks when I do.

We'll talk about commercial fiction this week. I promise. Really.

Off to write more. You should go do that, too.

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