clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Mr. Writer In the Library With a Noose

At left, a public domain image courtesy wikicommons. Library is former den of Mr. George von Lengerke Meyer at Rock Maple Farm in Hamilton, Massachusetts.

I write in a coffee shop on Friday mornings with a writing friend. It's a chance to get away from this: an empty room.

I could however use a warthog over my bookcase. We have a "no dead animals" rule here and while I have a bear head on the wall of my library, it is a pottery piece of porcelain art.

I write mostly in my library with a foxhound on a pillow (he stole it from a visiting grandchild camped out in my library)  and a strong cup of tea near my hand.

I usually end a session with three-quarters of a cold cup of tea.

At the coffee shop I eat fresh scones (forbidden food) and drink several mugs of hot strong java.

Both places have their merits. I'm good at shutting things out. I went to an "open plan" school and so learned young how to do my work with the conversation of hundreds of people around me. I don't think schools are built in such experimental fashion any longer.

How do you work best and how do you handle the division between social and isolated environments? Does environment reflect on your stories?

These are things to consider. I do poorly writing when I travel. I do well in places of habit - even noisy ones.

Time to walk the hound. Maybe a new cup of tea, too.

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