clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Finishing A Project

At left, Reliance crossing the finish line in the America's Cup, 1903.

She won.

I finish a project in the morning. I love writing the endings of a draft because at the end, I know more than I did at the beginning.

It means that I sometimes have logical inconsistencies, changed character motivations,  even characters who are entirely different in the end than there were in the beginning - and not in a good introspective literary fiction sort of way.

It is a line, though, It means the next draft can be much better.

This one's a winner and needs care and attention of much the same type as a racing yacht.

I'm writing.

I'm going into a period of transcribing, revising, and reading.

It's time to re-read Writing Fiction, A Guide to the Narrative Craft by Burrow and Stuckey-French.

The time to read books on writing is when you are not writing. Revision and editing make good tasks for me during periods of "professional education."

What do you read when revising?

Off to set-up the ending while the wind is strong and steady.

Bon Voyage.


Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Congratulations! Excited for you.

I've been reading a good deal of police favorite to *read*, if not to write. As far as craft books...I'll admit that I love buying them, but they make me a little anxious to read them when I'm writing and revising. And, since I'm *always* either writing or revising, I haven't read one in a little while.

jack welling said...

So horrible - isn't it? We accumulate books believing they will osmotically impart their knowledge from the act of purchasing and storing carefully their theorems and concepts.

I'm terribly guilty. I will probably never digest the materials science analysis of the techniques of the Dutch Masters for creating luminosity in the glazing techniques of oil painting ...but I paid for the book!

I "should" always be writing or revising but do pause between sprints.

Transcription and revision now at home while I work on something - a revision - when out with a writing partner.

It's winter. Ink flows well.