clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Monday, January 11, 2016

Cold Weather, Hot Ink

Image at left from wikicommons - and is actually boiling Turkish coffee instead of ink. Almost the same. (I love Turkish coffee). Thanks to Johnny MrNinja and Nate Steiner for allowing our enjoyment for just a mention. Great snap.

Cold dark nights are perfect for all those ideas that you've carried around all summer.

I've got a great story gem around the "found body" sort of business and of course, the body is someplace it really shouldn't be right now.

Shut in with snow tonight? Think of those grand Edwardian mansions with a footman dead on the front steps. What now? Why? What twists can we throw?

All warmed up?

Now put the body outside Uncle Ralph's summer cottage on Thanksgiving weekend.

Oh, the trouble we brew when it is murder we desire.

Dark. Deep. A little sweet.

I've got to go brew some mayhem in a pan. I'll be up for hours.

You shouldn't be sleeping either.

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