clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Blow It Off

AT left, beer cans on a wall used as target practice near Westerly, R.I. in May 1973. Photo courtesy United Sates EPA and thus copyright free. Hosted on wikicommons.

Alexander Hope, photographer.

In my college days, the colloquialism for not completing as task was to "blow it off."  Somehow seems to fit with crime writing, too.

I'm blowing off a writer's gathering this next weekend to go trout fishing. I'm missing Killer Nashville the end of October to go Steelhead fishing, too.

Seems like I'm missing a lot of writer's gatherings for fish. I plead guilty.

I need more work on content now that I'm beginning to find some of the content I'm generating to be interesting enough I personally might read it. Thus, it is getting close to a standard suitable for submission.

I'm going to spend the last of next week writing and fishing and will probably do both in solitude. My fishing crew cannot make the trip for various reasons and weekdays in the "up north" part of Michigan this time of year ...dead. Also suitable for crime writing.

I've got a story to finish and one to start.

I'm always more excited about "the next" project than the one at hand when it reaches this stage. I think that might be a strength in this case.

I hope you're excited about "the next" as well. Keeps us all working.

The time to go and pal around is closer to the time of "I've got a deal" than "I'm in the salt mines of anonymity." Maybe next year will be a celebration run. At least I'll have material in the folder should I decide on a skills conference next year.

Write mule, write.

Content defines us.


Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Enjoy your fishing!

Is "blowing it off" passe now? I'm so behind the times (as my kids remind me!)

I'm blowing off Killer Nashville, too. Trying to decide if I'm up for a day trip to Bouchercon the weekend after coming back from a rigorous NINC trip. Not sure if I'll have recovered. More blowing off to come!

jack welling said...

Nothing like a good soaking in the ink to make things right.

Your readers rather have the new book in the end, anyway.

Of course, there's always the chance your readers might pick up the bar tab. Mustn't let that go to waste!