clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Friday, May 1, 2015


Hard week and something had to give. The blog was it.

I spent my time with the ink. I did the day job. I fixed my tractor. Most of the time, my tractor is used to trim the lawn.

At left - not my tractor. This is from wikicommons: a Minneapolis Moline "U" as photographed by Danziel Raines.

I steered my first motorized vehicle sitting on a rug on top of the transmission box of one of these model "U".

My Grandfather sat in the seat and we plowed. There isn't much to plowing once someone shows you. It's about interval and staying in the grove with the wheel. On-land plows? Entirely different beast in modern agriculture. I ran one of those from an 8630 during high school. Milked cows, too.

I hated the farming bit. I'm a stockman.

Where I come from, children grow up fast. I had my own jeep  - a CJ2A - which I drove back and forth from town to the ranch when I was thirteen. Ran into a barbed wire fence with it once. Stretched the wire and stalled the engine. Hard to tighten the wire and splice a broken strand. Nothing broken, nothing hurt.

I'm enjoying my WIP. I'm enjoying the spring.

You never know how many you have left. I've had several.

I'm not sure I need anymore; but, I'll take all they're handing out.

There are stories to tell. Most of mine are filled with dead people.


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