clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Wednesday, May 6, 2015


At left, a picture of a weed by Jakub Kolar who generously allows its use here from its home in the wikicommons.

I worked on weeds tonight. Yes, I spot-spray.

I've been groundskeeper of bear hill this week. I will be for a couple more weeks and the blog will be spotty.

I'm writing in the mornings.

The weed at left is a metaphor for all those embellished descriptions which it takes years to learn to remove from our writing when composing.

There's nothing wrong with the words except they occur out of place. In the sweet prose of an adolescent poem they're wonderful. In crime fiction, they're death itself.

Broadleaf herbicide until cured, my dears.

Crime needs little chrome. It is the human aspect we need - not the authorial intrusion.

Now is the season to grow. How's your WIP doing? Getting enough sun?

The fertilizer can be a tad heavy around here.

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