clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Under Steam

Locomotive picture courtesy 0484 from Wikicommons. Lovely picture.

This is the Union Pacific "Big Boy" which operated until 1959 pulling heavy freight over a particularly steep piece of mountain track. It is enormously powerful and rather fast (sustained operational design at 80 mph).

Back in the swing and in at the office. Minor crisis is the name of the day gig and they oblige by returning to their normal operation as well.

I will spend the evening by the fire with a pot of tea (later, eggnog with rum) and pen in hand.

It's good to be in late fall.

Feels right. Feels like it is time to pull the load.

Hope your tracks are clear today. Shove the coal. Make the steam. Time is right for pushing on.


Hart Johnson said...

I love old trains... and this time of year really have a hard time being in the office. I want to mix my hybernation/writing with holiday activities...

jack welling said...

Ah, my thoughts run to eggnog and cookies. Nothing like a good hibernation!