clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Dim Bulb

At left, a lovely copyright free image generously donated to wikicommons.

We often look for the big idea - the bright light.

Novels are a marathon, not a sprint.

A good idea for the premise helps. One is all you need. Lots of lessor ideas come along as supporting cast members when you compose the text.

They don't seem like much at the time and mostly we notice them as little bits of bling in composition - the little things that we think are more clever than our usual bits. (Maybe we end a chapter without showing the body to have the next chapter begin with a detective interviewing our protagonist, for example. We never mention the killing act.).

Put enough together and you get a whole basket of  holiday lights and display contest winners.

I'm stringing together little lights. If I'm lucky, I'll find a few strings of C9's to wrap up in this work as well.

Everybody loves a well-trimmed tree. I hope the cat stays out of yours. Neither cat will stay out of mine this year.

At least the dog has no interest in the thing. Artificial. Hate artificial; but, beagles are stubborn about a few things. Trees are one of them.


Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

I like that...that the book is a collection of those smart bits and pieces that we come up with. I always tend to give them second billing, too, but you're right--they become the sparkle in the book.

There is one ornament that one of the cats won't leave alone. It's annoying. I put the ornament up high. The other cat is opening presents, which is even *more* annoying! The good. :) This is why sometimes I'm chasing cats at my house and favor the dog...

jack welling said...

Opening presents!

Wow. I thought a little tinsel eating was bad.

I've had a little trouble with bulbs getting knocked off and batted around while I'm gone. Found a silver reindeer under the couch. So far, no breakage.