clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Clean and Tidy

I cleaned the library today. Filing, discarding, cleaning, re-stacking: all of it.

I've been working in a sty and I think it carried over to my energy and effort.

I've been feeling punky - thus the absence of entries here - but have managed to keep going otherwise. This blog tends to be the last thing I do in the evening before reading for pure pleasure. When I'm pressed, something gives.

I've written a little for fun today as I bumbled about the house. There's a little invitation over on Scribophile for a piece on Christmas and of course, how can I resist Noir?

It is so easy to cast the North Pole as Detroit at the depth of bankruptcy. I believe Detroit is on the way back (helps that property is cheap) with a new renaissance.

I might well share the bit tomorrow if I get it proofed and do another draft on the opening couple of paragraphs to move the hook a bit forward in the tale.

I need additional bookshelves quite badly. Is there ever a writer who cannot confess to the same? Am I alone in the wholesale piles which just collect?

Yes, I have a Nook and a Kindle. Yes, I still by books in hardback, trade, paperback, new and - gasp - used. I buy non-fiction used that are usually out of print. Good volumes on the Soviets are not the current vogue but they interest me.

I have on my desk now: The Complete Pelican Shakespeare, Notes from the Underground, and Bird by Bird by Anne Lamont.

I feel more alive when writing than at any other time of the day. I thought I was crazy; but, if I am, it is the same brand bought by Anne and tens of thousands of other writers.

I'm hoping the clean desk, clean library will help make the writing a little cleaner, too.

I hope your writing area is clear, neat, tidy, and efficient - just like your writing.

My birthday present from my lovely wife included two wonderful crow bookends. Pictures below.


Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

The bookends are very Poe! (Or are they? Are ravens and crows two different types of black birds?) At any rate...I really like them.

Glad you got the cleaning done. I've got a rule now that I can't bring a book in unless I give a book away. Yes, we've reached that point. :( I'm trying to be a better library patron and prevent pile-up that way...

jack welling said...

Ravens and crows are in the same genus, but different species. Very closely related beasts.

I'm going with crow because they're stocky. Ravens always look more elegant to me. Crows - well - they seem to be a little more like a chicken.

The box said "corvus" as the brand/type/product name. That's the species designation.

Lovely though. I really like them.

Book exchange. Awesome. I have some in that category I'd like to share with friends. I'll have to try.