clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Monday, April 21, 2014

Opera Plots

 Opera Plots - space opera, that is.

I am not sure why but for the last week I have wanted to read some space opera.

It happens from time to time. When I'm working a problem in the back of my head, I often need some immersive item to consume rather than savor and enjoy.

Now, there is some fine science fiction writing out there. That is not however the material I am suggesting I'm reading. I am consuming pulp.

It is one step from self-published (and there is some great self-published material out there) and by that I mean the:

"He stopped at the cabin door looking into the mirror and thought 'who is this old man with short-cropped hair thinning on the right where the oxy burn had scalded him on Ares 23?'"
Pulp. The stuff at its highest recognition was printed on pulp.

Everybody eats a Hersey's bar once and a while and that's damn poor chocolate, too. Most of the time, you'd still take it were it offered to you.

I like the kind with almonds.

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