clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Frog Day

I've been swamped lately which makes it only appropriate that we're deep into frog days!

At left, leopard frog in a photo taken by Stephen J Dunlop from wikicommons.

Frog day is the day when the frogs comes out from burmation and start doing their frog thing. The first day seemed to be Saturday. Today is deafening. All the frogs are frogging it up.

Spring is upon us. The urge to create something new is strong.

I'm considering conflicts in the story-after-this.

I like man-against-the-sea tales and think that a recent book on submarines I've read will allow me to confine characters. I'm thinking man v space.

It is hard to argue with the unrelenting pressure of nature. It makes a powerful adversary. Lose a door seal and you have a pretty exciting story for a while.

Why did the door seal fail? That's a question for the investigating board. Right now, we're fighting the casualty and trying to save the ship. That can be powerful, I think.

Well, I have my idea. Do you have yours?

Have somebody about to "croak" perhaps?

1 comment:

Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Sometimes we hear the frogs in the creek outside at night. Especially with all this rain we've had...they seem to like it.

The man v. space concept sounds great!

Yes, how did you guess? Someone is going to croak in the next 15 pages of my book. :)