clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Friday, April 4, 2014

Not the Feast

At left, an especially nice photo of a sandwich from wikicommons taken by Memm.

Sometimes the reader needs a whole feast. Sometimes a toasted club sandwich will do nicely.

Where to serve which meal is the problem of a lifetime.

I like a sandwich. I like a fast bit of food that does the job. I'm a fan of that sort of writing.

I like banquettes but I don't write them. I can't pull it off. We all know wonderful feasts hosted by a favorite aunt that featured a couple of meats, a huge salvo of sides, a wonder cake for desert (a 21" triple decker chocolate devil's food number).

I also know the cold piece of chicken and peas Holiday Inn Christmas feast.

When I try to write the feast, I put the reader in the Holiday Inn.

I'm off to get a piece of cheese now, Gromit. I've gone a bit peckish on this topic.

Have a snack, write something.

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