clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Release the Hounds

Ian Hudson took this fine picture at left of a hunting pack. Yorkshire. Part of that wonderful Geograph project.

Disclaimer: I own a foxhound. He's American and not English and he doesn't hunt foxes for a living. He mostly chases a couple cats around the house, claims my favorite ottoman for his own, and snores when I write.

Writing is an oddly frustrating endeavor. It's horrendously difficult at times. Often it is completely unsatisfying when the writer views his own product.

Every once in a while though, you make progress on something that you haven't been able to crack just right before and boom: you can't imagine anything else as rewarding.

There are many writing web sites that admonish you that a professional grinds out the text whatever the cost and impression. I believe this is true. It does not mean however that the emotional roller-coaster of the effort is not just has horrendous to professional writers as to soon-to-be professional writers.

I love making progress. I love it when blocks fit together and you can surge ahead on a project. I had one of those moments today. I figured out how to frame a couple scenes to provide some unification to a story that was becoming a badly orchestrated series of independent scenes.

Now, I'm not likely to go running across the field baying at the top of my lungs. There's too much snow and it's entirely too cold for that sort of baying. I want to, though. I want to.

I hope you're on the trail, your tail is up, and your nose is down. The only thing better than running down an idea is having a pack of friends right there with you. I've been to a writers' conference and wanted that experience. I haven't had it yet. It'll come.

Until then, chase some bunnies on a warm spring day and keep your eyes open for those rare solutions that let everything break free.

I'm off to write. I'll try not to bay too loudly.


Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Congrats on your streak of good progress! I think you should bay, for sure.

Foxhounds are such pretty dogs. I bet the cats don't think so, though.

jack welling said...

One of the cats thinks he is in "the pack."

Annoys the hound to no end. His shadow.