clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Grand Day!

At left, the reward for a productive day. The teapot is from Denby and is not mine.

I really like it. No, I'm not getting another unless my squatty breaks.

I'm way to young too start having more than one functional teapot at a time.

I am having a nice cup, though.

It's cold here. Still the throes of winter. It isn't even close to the freezing point. The birds think it is spring, though. We had nice bright sun.

I had a grand productive session with a friend tonight. We write together on Wednesday evenings at the local (and very nice) library in my little town. I put my head down, focused, and solved both voice and tone issues with my latest draft of a story!

 Last night I worked out a nice plot outline with snippets of prose interspersed. Tonight, I revised the protagonist, gave her a much stronger voice, stitched three conflict arcs through the story and wrote two key scenes for inclusion into the longer full draft re-write.

Yes, I earned my tea. I'm quite pleased.

It isn't spring yet; but, it feels like it inside when we make progress. I love that about longer works,too. Solid progress on a chapter or two of a novel just brightens my heart. Sure, they'll probably be quite different in the final version but the progress feels good.

I've a half-dozen short-stories shaped to where it is time to do the last pass draft carefully and slowly after a solid read-through and notes. Scrub a MacGuffin here, tune a conflict there. It's fun work when you think the plot and voice and twist and reveal all are beginning to work for a story.

So, off to read. I'm almost done with the horrendous state of affairs as Fukushima Diichi. Still, fascinating stuff.

I've been writing. Have you?

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