clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Safari !

Hemingway with a nice buffalo. Short stock double in his hand. Looks smallish like .375 H&H ...not like a .416 Rigby. Buffalo with a .375 is a low margin of error shot. Tough guy shooting.

Today, I've roughed out a series of common themed stories. I didn't intend to create a string of ambitious works over breakfast this morning; but, it came to mind and evolved over the course of the day.

Boats - the isolated environment of a hole in the water - figure prominently in the fictional device employed as setting.

Now, concepts are great. Though as I've mentioned before: a story is an emotional journey for the reader.

I'm employing crime in an isolated environment to highlight the emotional response. I'm the guide. I'm taking the reader on an emotional journey to the fictional land they've not visited before. They trust me as their guide.

I better have a damn good compass in the characterization. I'm learning the deft trick of character through action and reaction. That trick is subtlety. I went back and read some LeCarre just to see and indeed, the whole character of Smiley was revealed in his earliest works through the lightest of touch.

I need to sneak up on the reader with my characterization. I don't want to break a twig with a clumsy footfall and ruin immersion.

I'm on safari just like Hemingway. I'm looking to bag a reader. They're damn elusive but luckily always in season.

Off to write the big hunt. Advice? Use enough gun.


Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

They're always in season...and we're looking for herds!

Love the Hemingway pic.

jack welling said...

Pith helmut?