clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Hot Rod Lincoln

I wouldn't call this a hot rod. The continental at left is pretty nice, though.

I'm thinking tonight about how our characters move; how they get around.

It says something about them: their gate, their step, what they drive.

A hitman who travels exclusively by public transportation?  How about a mob boss in a VW beetle: the new ugly kind?  Or a mini?

Every choice matters.

Jimmy walked across the restaurant to meet her; his left foot lagging a little. He never arrived anywhere all at once anymore. 

So, we move them. They stand or sit. They drive or ride. All of these choices have meaning.

Don't let a subtle characterization drift by for the expediency of with the verb "walked"  unless that is exactly the motion you intend.

You wouldn't put a down-on-his-heels detective in a 2014 7-series BMW without reason. You might put him in a convertible MG which idles poorly and whose canvas top looks like a summer camp duct-tape craft project.

Have fun with movement. It isn't just what happens between bits of action.

Now, I'm moved to write. I hope you are as well.

Write something moving.


Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Good point! Our mode of travel says a lot about us...and what's inside the car might, too.

I actually saw that Hot Rod Lincoln singer live at a street festival when I lived in AL about 18 years ago or so. Now his name escapes me. Of course. But he was very good.

jack welling said...

Great !

Junior "guitar' Brown does a great version on stage, too.

Love that song! Thanks for stopping in ...