clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Book Life

A great day today. At left, my favorite bookstore from a photograph taken by Dwight Burdette.

I indulged in a great literary day.

I rose late. Walked the foxhound. Cooked a breakfast. Plotted.

Went to my local coffee shop (which makes a great pot of tea) in anticipation of meeting some friends. It was a glorious morning and a solid working session.

I walked the foxhound again and headed into town where I spent an afternoon talking books with a writer friend and late, with the owner of this great bookshop above. How many people in the world can one have a conversation with regarding Roman desert forts and outposts? Who really appreciates the evolution between the maniple and cohort legions?

I ended with a dinner of German food with a writer friend where we discussed an outstanding character he has in the wings. Simply a great character.

Then, home and a second working session.

Glorious day. Better than vacation. Oh, the foxhound wagged and gave me a little howl when I came home.

I'm off to write some notes that when fulfilled will make readers wag. At least, I hope they refrain from howling.

I'll write the notes before bed. You should, too.

Prayers? - well, every man his own God. Mine comes from a pen.

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