clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sliding to Chaos

The laws of entropy dictate that all is sliding to chaos. At left, illustrated by Bob Embleton's lovely image, a tanker once full of utility now forever hauling futility.

I need to outline some of my nea rterm projects here for my own good. If I disclose them here, I'm likely to complete them.

Unwanted Presents: finish short story in Christmastown.

Wabi: revise short-story murder in Wabakimi Park.

Kait: redraft this bloody mess. Get a conflict for the short-story.

What the Crow Saw: draft the short story.

Banker's Son: Shoot Gene Angel and get away with it. Cut this short out of Last Days in Paradise and draft it cleanly. It can stand alone.

There, that's some work.

I don't want to blow to seed. I think I am going to submit Crow to Beat to a Pulp. I hope it can make the cut.

Now, work the plan. Write mule, write.

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