clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Sunday, December 8, 2013

13th Arrondissement

I have a story set in an old city and for the model, I use Paris. Why not? Public transportation, infrastructure, some very old and some very new.

Now, the 13th happens to be a place of immigrants at the moment. However, any place of immigrants soon evolves to a place with long tails and eventually "the old city." Lovely trend, that.

At left, a little early snow. This was the picture I used when I first started the piece though now in my mind there is much more snow.

There is a little snow here. Yesterday was entirely consumed and so this evening - Sunday - I am wondering where the time went. Time too feels a little like this picture: there is the means to move through it but conditions tend to preclude anything but the walk.

I have a fire in the wood stove, pets surrounding me, banana bread baking in the over, and some cold roast lamb to go and forage upon. I'll finish this entry, make some tea, forage, and settle down with pen to craft some prose around the bones of the story I've outlined.

I hope this evening finds your home quiet and your pen active.

Write something. Then write some notes on something else. It's almost winter.

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