clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

It's In the Trees

The title is from Kate Bush "Hounds of Love."

At left, an oak.

You can look at this tree and easily imagine it full of trouble: crows, magpies, rooks, ropes, aliens. It's such an odd concept for we ground-bound mammals: trees. Why would anything ever go "up."

Well, because of what is "down," of course.

It's time to watch Anthony Hopkins in Titus again. Also, Ian McKellen in Richard II.  I could see The Lion in Winter with Richard Burton and Katherine Hepburn as well. Maybe Polanski's MacBeth for good measure.

It is winter and my blood runs a little colder than normal, anyway. Nothing wrong with a little revolution in the family. My own children are not strong enough to want me dead. It isn't much of a generation that way but I can hope. Maybe they'll be murder among them yet.

So, the oak pregnant with the thought of something wicked. Makes good story.

I hope you are finding good story - even if it isn't quite wicked. Put a bad character in there just for me. Let him watch a beaver drown a duck as I saw on a morning two weeks ago. You wouldn't think it of a beaver; but, I saw it.

Write an evil beaver story. One of my favorites of late is I Want My Hat Back.

Who said anything about eating a rabbit?

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