clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Personal Experience

[ I had a picture of a swimmer and a shark from wikicommons ...but now the image isn't there - so I removed it here]
Another shark - without Kimi ...

At left, Bluto Ahhhhhhhhhhhhgs. Bluto is a great white who loves long swims on nearly deserted beaches, World Cup Rugby (Go All Blacks!), and peppermint seal ice cream. Bluto's turn offs are yellow barrels, chum, and guys who think chainmail is "neat."

Bluto is shown with her friend Kimi Werner who sometimes sponges rides to the market.

I've been away a little having personal experiences with sharks. It's a family thing. Mind the teeth.

So, personal experiences are important because we all need some fact to start from when spinning our lies , er, fiction. Oh, the truth might not ever be present in the fiction but somewhere, there is a germ of back story that came from a personal experience somewhere.

That's important. I find myself living my life and filing away personal experiences and encounters for later reference. Sometimes I have to take personal experience and blow it up a little. Sometime I have to take it and shrink it down.

So, I've been with a shark. It's been fun. I've all my arms and legs to show for the experience, still. I might not of deserved that outcome but I have it.

So, how about you: still collecting? Still filing them away? I bet you are.

I know you are writing. I have to go do a little of that now myself. Fins ups!

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Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Definitely still filing away those bits and pieces for later!

My husband and son scuba fairly often...but I, as usual, am too chicken. :) I may have swam with sharks at the beach--but wasn't aware of it!