clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


At left, Katharine Hepburn. (removed - couldn't find fair use determination on undated photo. Sorry readers. ) Just the sort to induce a bout of cheating. Looking just like that.

I nearly started cheating today. I have my WIP and I was unduly attracted to a side project for a couple of reasons: short works can be damn sexy little bundles and I am a little afraid of another novel.

Oh, there's good reason to stick with the short form. However, cheating because something else is NOT the long form fiction is a damn poor reason to stray.

I'll put the sexy notes about a murder in a folder and put it in my drawer of stories I think have potential to finish and polish. However, I'm not going to turn to those items until the draft long form is done.

I was tempted today. Almost caved.

I need to get back on the novel horse. However, Katherine here makes me forget all about the range.

I hope you're not cheating. If you are, I hope you'll put it in writing. I've read Butler's Lives of the Saints and one of those is enough.

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