clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Inspriation and Lightening

At left, Chagall's Promenade.

This is how I feel when the muse of inspiration grabs my paw.  I'm seldom ready for her but I know her signs by now.

I knew a man who had revolutionary ideas. In fact, he was the "left hook" man behind the Gulf War. He was behind energy-maneuverability theory and the OODA loop. What was complicated to the rest of us became astoundingly clear to John Boyd. He was very much like Richard Feynman in that regard.

He spent a great deal of his life trying to understand the muse of inspiration and how she worked. If he worked it all out, he didn't share it with me.

I had a revelation today. It came as the product of hard work this past week but as I quieted my mind preparing for lunch, the thoughts came. They are far better than I'd originally conceived.

My thanks to the muse.

Jeff Somers has something of his recent revelation and its process here. While I cannot compare myself to his mind, I feel much the same. It's worth a read. Oh, if jeff offers you a drink, do decline. You're not up for it. Even a little. The man is a professional.

I hope your muse smiles on you.

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