clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Fun, I say, Fun

Our ideas of fun may differ, but we still need to have some.

At left, Ivy Mike. A personal favorite: the first hydrogen bomb.

I've been having some fun with my writing. My character Kaitlyn made toast that had a few too many residual rads. That's a problem in her household. Growing up "normal" in a family of genius over-achievers can be a problem.

I also entered one of Janet Reid's 100 word contests for the first time with a bit of garbage story it took a little more to edit than I thought. I don't often write to a word count but the drill was perfect for sharpening those editing skills I haven't used much in a month.

I've had fun. We should remember this writing bit for all its frustration can be fun. We should remember to make it fun.

So, having a blast. Hope your thermonuclear Saturday goes just fine, too. Remember, it's the tamper that counts. You want to achieve the x-ray pumping to elevate the speed of the fusion in the earliest stages.

Who's afraid of a little, Boom Boom ?

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