clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Does It Looks Like A Nail?

I'm a writer which means I'm a content mule. I carry the pack of content everywhere I go all day long.

It's what I do.

At left, a ball peen hammer. (Peening is an activity machinists perform to draw the edges of metal into a thin wafer in order to have it hold an edge.) It isn't a framing hammer, but I'm partial to the ball peen hammer. Indulge me. It's earned the respect.

So - content mule. We writers look at so many tangential elements of our writing. We invent complimentary tasks to our actual writing. We fret over platform and presence and exposure and endorsement. We are after all Writer Inc.

Unfortunately, the only thing we're very good at is content. It's completely in our control. Sure our books are the product of group efforts. The content did however originate in a laundry room in the dark.

What am I after here? Content saves.

When whatever it is drifts out of control - drop the nerviousa bullshitosa. Write something. Then write something else.

The part we control is the part which is most essential. I contend much of the rest will take care of itself if you write clever, exciting, immersive stories.

You'll feel better swinging the hammer whatever it hits. I know that for sure.

Nobody ever has too much grade A material hanging around to pass out at a moment's notice. It doesn't hurt to have some in the bank, however.

I hope you're writing. I hear the pounding. That can't just be a heart left over from Poe.

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