clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Bathtub Murder

It was in this very bathroom that I killed Glenn White, character.

I put him in the tub with a large model radio - probably a zenith ...

The outlet and extension cord have no GFI circuit and the fuse (screw in ) had been replaced by ... the penny. Hardly brilliant on Glenn's part.

Of course, his wife playing catch with the radio while he was in the tub was no great act of kindness. We only get to see Glenn beneath the waves. The Lights in the room are still flickering and sparking from the dead short.

Hope your writing is going well. At least, shockingly well.


It's probably important to attribute this idea to a newspaper clipping I've had since 1984. I bought a paper (return to civilization) and saw this article. I ripped it out. Last night, I used it on Glenn.

Who the hell carries an article about two dead kids in a bathtub for thirty years?

Credit: UPI OCT 30 1984

FORT WORTH, Tex., Oct. 29— An electric hair dryer fell into a bathtub while two children were bathing tonight, electrocuting the 8-year- old girl and her 6-year-old brother, the authorities said.
The children, Sandra and Shawn Austin, were pronounced dead at Fort Worth hospitals, the police said. Officers said the children were found by an older sister when she went to check on them. The sister told the police she had placed the hair dryer on a shelf or on a sink in the bathroom, but officers did not know how it was knocked or fell into the tub.

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