clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

What to Do , What to Do

Flowers at left. That's the biggest effort around here thus far. It isn't spring, yet.

I had a piece written to post that answered a couple bitch sessions today about the industry to which we aspire to be in.

I withdrew the post.

Better not to argue with a pig. You cannot win and it annoys the pig.

Here's my new position: writing is hard, the pay sucks, and if you make enough to have dinner out you've beaten the odds.

I should say I eat pretty well and yes, I suspect I have had a dinner tab bigger than some of your advances. I've not had a five figure dinner, yet. You've got me there.

There are easier avocations.  If "hardship" isn't on your list, take up gardening instead.

If you're thinking it can be a vocation, you need to start drinking more right away. You'll need a pink elephant to keep that delusion company.

Writing works for a few. The first dis-qualifier is thinking that you're in that few.

It is the only thing that scratches that itch once you get it, though. It feels heroin good.

 I'd do it for free if they'd let me. Luckily, that's the expected rate. More than that is bonus.

It is a fun group of people to know, though. Crazy - sure, some of 'em. Fun, though.


Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

I've always said that the only folks who make consistently good money in this business are in advertising.

No, it's not a money-maker. It's a good *supplementary* income,'s just having the time to have another source of income besides the writing.

jack welling said...

I loved your piece on audio and am looking forward to the Friday report!

We are consumables and making that easier - sales! Love to hear about your audio discoveries!