clues at the scene

clues at the scene

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Not the Lone Ranger

 AT left, from 1881 a train in snow. Minnesota.

I'm not in Minnesota, but I had snow this morning. Flakes fell and melted on the foxhound's back as we walked. Not quite so many as in this picture, thankfully.

Today was a great day of collaboration. I met with a couple of writers in the morning and got some important advice to solve a problem that's been on my mind.

I met with another writer this afternoon and received some great insight into how someone else approaches the work. I saw some GREAT outlines. I saw the sort of outlines that your can read ten years later and pick the story right up where you left off. For a fellow like me who can bounce around a bit, that was very impressive.

The lesson? Everything I learned today will go into the current WIP selection. No one tells you that a great deal of your writing will be the product of much collaborative input; but, it is.

You don't package a sacrosanct manuscript and deliver it to the editor. Oh, you try. You want to. You won't.

Beta readers, your critique partners, other writers, your agent and your editor are all going to leave big footprints all over the page. One name goes on the author line but a whole parade of contributors will go into the acknowledgement section.

If you are the sort who wants to do it on your own, go find another avocation. Try surfing, for example.

 The Lone Ranger had Tonto. Makes the whole "Lone" bit sound stupid now, doesn't it? You'll have people too.

Collaboration is the train running through this station.

Mind the snow. It isn't spring yet. My snow stakes are still in place. I'm not falling for sunny afternoons, yet.

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